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Who are we?

String Art Laboratory is newly established in Hong Kong and we are focusing in string art handicraft. We hope to make string art a way of life; as an expression of creativity, as a way of connectivity and a path to spirituality.


What is String Art?

String art is characterized by an arrangement of colored string between points to form different pattern or representational designs.

Why String Art Laboratory?


Thanks to the simple materials and tools needed, it is easy for people to create their string art
with various types of material. At the same time, beginners may find it is hard to start because different materials require different tools and it is quite hard for beginners to match and fine-tune different materials.
Therefore, we provide fine-tuned materials, tools, and DIY Kits of string art handicraft
for both beginners and skilled crafters.

Our Products

Our DIY Kits, Materials, Tools and Accessories are fine tuned for String Art Handicraft.
We sure you can find whatever you need to handicraft your own exquisite String Art in our online shop.



Each DIY Kit includes all basic tools, materials, accessories, and guidelines for your artwork.



We provide different type of board, colour set of strings and nails.


Our tools include the hammer, nail holder, string art nail tube, and thread clipper. They are chosen and designed for string art handicrafts.



Anything may help in your string art handicraft are in here.

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